Thank you for believing in me. This is just the beginning!

the election is over!

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped me during the campaign & all who believed in me. 

Thank you all!

What others saying about fabien?

The Ottawa & District Labour Council (ODLC):

 “We believe Fabien understands well the importance of working families. Focuses on area such as: infrastructure, public transportation, public services and good jobs.” 

Eliott Monsters, Resident :

 ''I voted for you Fabien and I hope you will run again in the next election! Keep up the good work and don't give up. Congratulations on running''. 

Rick Gibbons, Host of Rick Gibbons Show & former Ottawa Sun Publisher:

 “Fabien Kalala Cimankinda has succeeded in overcoming enormous odds at every turn in life. He even braved danger to try to save the life of a shooting victim…”

Sylvain De Margerie, The CBC Trailblazer:

 “...Having worked with Fabien in the community I trust his judgement, his knowledge of the issues and his dedication. He doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty (literally by joining us in the kitchen to cook food for the community) and this is very important to arrive at practical solutions to community issues”.

Craig Searle retired Naval Officer & RPCRA Past President:

 ‘’Happy to vote for and endorse Fabien Kalala Cimankinda, as a retired Naval Officer Fabien stands for the same values I do, ethical behaviour, integrity, honesty, leadership!’’

Andrea Terry, Resident:

''Regardless of the outcome from yesterday Fabien, I see you as our City Councillor. You are a truly amazing man. Thank you for being there when we lost our power. Thank you for actually listening to people. Thank you for being you. Hope to see you run again in four years. Love you bunches...'' 


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Who's Fabien? A man of action and compassion!