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Fabien Kalala

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Fabien Kalala was born and spent his adolescence in Kinshasa, the capital city of Congo D.R.C, in heart of African. While living in Congo, Fabien experienced poverty and the stigma surrounding lower social status first hand. When asked what affect this had on him, he humbly says that his early experiences, both good and bad, are what prepared him to take on a role of this magnitude. 

He later migrated with his parents and eleven brothers and sisters to Ottawa's Carlington (Caldwell) community in 2005 - a low-income housing community. There, he faced similar issues to that which he experienced in his adolescence, such as issues with social classes, poverty, inequalities, and youth and family problems. 

In 2008, after graduating from La Cite Collegial in security management, Fabien began working within the Carlington community doing outreach and youth mentorship programs. Fabien later enrolled in Political Science and Criminology at the University of Ottawa, where he also played football with the Gee Gees. 

After graduating, Fabien grew more dedicated to civil and human rights activism, continuing mentoring, raising awareness, and addressing safety concerns within the city. 

Over the years, Fabien has cultivated a direct approach to tackling important issues, always preferring to be hands on and present for his community.

Fabien is passionate about sports, and in particular football. In addition to his career in security management, his athletics career has taken him all over the world. Internationally, he spent 3 years playing in the Belgian Football League (BFL) for the Brussels Tigers. Fabien has also played for Ottawa teams : Bel-Air Norseman, the Ottawa Sooners, the Ottawa Jr. Riders, and the Gee Gees


His athletics career allowed Fabien began to continue mentoring youth and spreading positive and inspirational messages about dreaming big. 

After gaining seven years worth of extensive experience in the security industry, Fabien founded his very own successful company, C-BLOCK Management Inc. Through his company C-BLOCK, he recruited and trained over 100 people from financially underprivileged households, enabling young men and youth from all across the capital region to benefit from both employment and engagement. 

Later Fabien founded a second affiliate security company, Global Safety Security Inc. specializing in close protection and special events. 

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Fabien's influence spread internationally when in 2011 while completing a humanitarian mission to educate and empower locally disenfranchised young adults in Congo, as well as securing the campaign election of the opposition leader, he was illegally imprisoned. After several weeks of being detained, Fabien was safely returned to Canada a changed man and later went on to write a book called “Noel en Prison.” In his novel Fabien speaks on his fight for freedom, universal human rights, and democracy. In 2016, he endorsed Amnesty International’s CHARTER OF PROTECTION, where he provided principles to guide Canadian law and reform policies for government action more effective in defending the rights of Canadians and people with strong ties to Canada.

He participates from time to time in the various sensitization and awareness activities on various issues affecting our societies. He proudly participated in the living library on the themes of refugees, immigration and cultural diversity, where he was able to interact with different readers and undoubtedly he allowed them to broaden their horizons and increase their tolerance towards others. He is also a key speaker who advocates about prison & detention conditions.

Fabien is dedicated to security, community engagement, youth engagement, transportation, poverty reduction, affordable housing, environment, employment and caring for our seniors. He is ready to bring his years of local and international experience to serve the residents of River Ward and then city of Ottawa, in the community he grew up in.