Building a Safer Community

Fabien is committed to addressing growing safety concerns facing this city, such as drugs, guns, and violence. Working closely with the Ottawa Police and the local community organizations, Fabien is working daily to build a safer community.


Through community outreach and bridge building Fabien plans on creating job opportunities for youth and young adults.


Ottawa has fallen short of its potential when it comes to transportation. Fabien is dedicated to changing the status quo here in our city and making transportation accessible, convenient, and affordable.  

Local Leadership

Lack of awareness of the role of City Councillors in their communities; More need of diversity of demographic representation of people in decision making positions at City Hall. Better communication of city services.  Beyond of keeping you informed about what’s  happening at City Hall, Fabien wants to bring a leadership base on consultation; ensure you are consulted about changes in your community;  and more important, be available for you when needed. 


If elected, Fabien will take 3 steps to make Ottawa a leader on environmental issues. First: He will encourage the CITY to follow through on current green initiatives and support innovative solutions...  

Second, He will encourage COMMUNITY associations and LOCAL organizations to be part of the realization... 

Lastly, he will give PEOPLE immense power to tackle environmental issues locally.